System management

With a system management contract at Freetime Hospitality you choose, next to continuity and security, for an optimal support around the control of your information system. Based on a pre-agreed number of days, you will have a certified consultant at your disposal.

The consultant supports your information system in the following areas:

Answering technical questions regarding your entire information system.
Guidance and advice on the purchase and implementation of hardware, network cabling and network components. 
Guidance and advice on the purchase and implementation of system and application software.
Analyzing and advising to prevent (complex) network failures. 
Monitor the performance of your information system and identify bottlenecks. 
Control and implement backup and recovery procedures. 
Support for documenting procedures for incidents and calamities. 
Advice and support on security and virus protection of your information system.



Your business processes are becoming more and more dependent on the availability of your information system. Freetime Hospitality can provide you with the continuity of the availability of your information system.

An availability agreement offers you the following services, among others:

Access to an expert team of professionals for your available hardware, system software and any other software. 
Malfunction service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a maximum response time of 6 hours. 
Handling repairs on all your system equipment. 
If necessary, provide replacement system equipment during repairs.

VIPS Sky “in the Cloud
Carefree working with the cloud-services of Freetime Hospitality

Using VIPSX and/or PixelPoint without installation on your own systems and without investing in your own hardware. We host your applications in our Cloud! You pay a fixed amount per workstation per month and we take care of the rest.

As an entrepreneur you only settle with your guests what they use. But do you do the same with your hard- and software?
Stop investing in IT in advance and simply pay per workstation, per month, for what you really use. The only thing you need is a computer with an internet connection.

Within the Hospitality Desktop you can use various applications in addition to your VIPSX reservation software. By taking advantage of a reliable and demonstrably secure cloud platform, you no longer invest in issues such as hardware, antivirus software and maintenance. By paying for your users on a monthly basis, you get a grip on your IT and your costs, while you can not only grow, but also shrink if you ever need to. In fact, for all our customers, this means savings compared to their traditional IT solution. It is also possible to purchase only VIPSX reservation software via the Cloud.

A number of advantages:

Pay a fixed amount per month for your complete cloud solution, without having to invest in advance.
All your files and applications, including VIPSX reservation software, in a secure environment that can be used anytime, anywhere.
The Hospitality Desktop is supported by a service desk with professionals who are available to you 24/7.