Who is Freetime Hospitality B.V. ?

Freetime Hospitality, (formerly known as, Hospitality Systems Holland, HSH, and based in Amstelveen), became part of Freetime Company at the end of 2009. Freetime Hospitality is leading the Netherlands in the field of reservation systems, cash register systems, kitchen management systems, and is known from the PMS system, ‘VIPS’. Thanks to these two joining forces, we open doors for you, and help you get even more out of your hospitality business in every area. From your business and marketing strategy to your bookings and payments. Freetime Hospitality is a high-quality supplier of automation systems. For example, we supply automation systems for your kitchen, reservations, telephone, and management.

VIPS, PixelPoint, and CalcMenu Pro are well known labels. We also offer you all the services you need with these systems. With an enthusiastic, dynamic team of professionals, we are able to continuously customize the systems to fit your business operations, and processes. In order to provide you with the best possible service, our helpdesk and repair service are available 24 hours a day!

What can you expect from Freetime Hospitality?

With the services of Freetime Hospitality you choose for optimized support around the control of your information system, along with continuity and certainty. Based on a pre-agreed number of days you will have a certified consultant at your disposal.

The consultant supports your information system in the following areas:

Answering technical questions regarding your entire information system.
Guidance and advice on the purchase and implementation of hardware, network cabling, and network components.
Guidance and advice on the purchase and implementation of system and application software.
Analyzing and advising to prevent (complex) network failures.
Monitor the performance of your information system and identify bottlenecks.
Control and implement backup and recovery procedures.
Support for documenting procedures for incidents and calamities.
Advice and support on security and virus protection for your information system.

Why choose Freetime Hospitality?

Your business processes are becoming increasingly dependent on the availability of your information system. Freetime Hospitality can provide you with the continuity of the availability of your information system.

An availability agreement offers you the following services, among others:

Access to an expert team of professionals for your available hardware, system software and any other software.
Malfunction service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a maximum response time of 6 hours.
Handling repairs on all your system equipment.
If necessary, provide replacement system equipment during repairs.